GoPro Camera Mount Installation

We have just completed another GoPro Camera Mount Installation for Hunter Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue Service’s Westpac Rescue Helicopter.


Hunter Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue Service has granted approval for a documentary film crew to make a film on the activities of the rescue helicopter.  The documentary film makers requested footage of the aircraft operation from outside the cabin via miniature GoPro digital video cameras mounted externally to the aircraft.


In total, there are four cameras fitted to the aircraft at the following locations:

  1. Below the RH pilot’s seat.

  2. On the cable hoist aft of the cable.

  3. On the tail boom.

  4. Under the nose.

The cameras are mounted using the preferred “Redrock Mirco Cobalt GoPro Camera Mount”.

Hunter Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue Service has already obtained fantastic footage using the GoPro digital video cameras. Click the link below for an example.