RFDS (WA Operations) Bariatric Transport Project

Aircraft Floor Locks

On the 5th and 6th of March, Five Rings Aerospace in conjunction with subcontractors Ferno and Barker Tooling successfully completed the Critical Design Review for the Bariatric Transport System for the RFDS (WA Operations). Capable of transporting a patient up to 300kg in weight, the system is comprised of a Bariatric Stretcher powered by the Ferno PowerFlexx hydraulic lifter, Aircraft Floor Lock Restraints and the Bariatric Stretcher Lifting Device and Platform. The Bariatric Stretcher transports patients seamlessly from the ambulance, up into the Pilatus PC12 RFDS Aircraft and out again, removing the need to transfer the patient onto multiple stretchers. The Aircraft Floor Lock Restraints secure the patient and Bariatric Stretcher in the aircraft safely and with minimal operator input.


Now we just need to deliver the final production systems !!

Bariatric Stretcher

Aircraft Loading Platform

Aircraft Loading Platform

Stay Tuned for final Delivery.