Five Rings Aerospace

Five Rings Aerospace is a wholly Australian-owned company providing specialist aircraft design, certification and manufacturing services throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Our broad range of clients include special mission operators, government agencies, airlines, aircraft maintenance organisations and private owners.  Throughout our 10 years of operation, our team has delivered in excess of 12,000 bespoke design and certification projects for over 600 unique clients throughout the world. 

With staff in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, our team of over 25 aviation professionals comprises a unique blend of aerospace engineers, flight test specialists, licenced aircraft maintenance engineers and operational support staff.  

Our ability to design, manufacture and certify our products in-house provides us with a unique advantage over other companies and we strive to use this advantage to the benefit of our clients by providing solutions that are fit-for-purpose, user friendly and value for money.

Five Rings Aerospace is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Amphibian Aircraft Holdings Group of Companies and along with its sister company, Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI), is committed to modernising and remanufacturing the G-111T Albatross amphibian here in Australia.  

Five Rings Aerospace has partnered with AAI to provide design, testing and certification support for the development of the G-111T Turboprop Albatross. To find out more about the Albatross project and the work we are doing with AAI. click here.

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